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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Does Mega Mix require a base coat?
ANSWER: Amazin Base is a univeral base coat used to create a bond megamix or any gel polish to the natural nail plate. There is no primer necessary in this system.

QUESTION: Do you need a Top Coat with megamix?
ANSWER: Amaze Glaze , is a soak off gel top coat that seals the mega mix to create the ultimate high gloss shine . Amaze Glaze cures under UV or LED Light and it's unique universal formulation means it can be used over any gel polish to creat the ultimate high gloss shine.

QUESTION: Why is Amaze Glaze sticky?
ANSWER: When cured it leaves an inhibition layer( sticky) this is easily removed with make it WIPE gel wipe off solution after curing.

QUESTION: How long does Mega Mix last?
ANSWER: Mega Mix nails will last until you soak it off. we recomend regular apointments every 3-4 weeks to maintain your nails so they look tip top at all times.

QUESTION: How do you remove Mega Mix?
ANSWER: Mega Mix will soak off in approximatly 10 minutes. gently file over the top of the surface with a nail file, apply SOAK to a cotton pad and place on the nail. Secure with foil or clip l and allow the nail to soak for 10 minutes. Gently scrape the product off the nail. If you have infilled or built up your Mega Mix it may be necessary to repeat this process.

QUESTION: Does Mega Mix damage the nail?
ANSWER: With little or no buffing on application there should be no damage to the natural nail. However correct application and removal is essential to ensure the integrity of the natural nail.

QUESTION: Can Mega Mix be used over traditional gel or acrylic?
ANSWER: Yes, it can be put over traditional gel or acrylic as long as it is being applied to a rough ( none shiney) surface.



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