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What is Mega Mix

Mega Mix is part of a three step universal gel system consisting of a brush on base coat "Amazing Base" a pot of clear pure gel ( no solvents) mixing gel "Mega Mix" and " Amazin Glaze" the ultimate shine top coat.

Mega Mix mixing gel is a UV / LED clear soak off gel polish that in it's simplest form can be is applied onto natural nails or tips to create natural looking enhancements.But it is so much more than that. Currently it comes in one colour CLEAR enabling you, the technican to customize your nail service by mixing it with whatever you want to create a permanent gel coating which is strong and flexible, with an ultimate shine finish, lasting for several weeks. Once applied it offers strength and flexibility protecting your nails, whilst allowing them to grow without breaking.

Mega Mix is the latest innovation in gel polish, bringing to the market a world of soak off gel possibilities.

Mega Mix is the first in the UK to launch a truly polishable mixable clear gel.

Mega Mix is applied with minimal buffing and no primers or bonders so there is no de-hydration or damage to the natural nail. Built up in layers the gels are applied to the natural nail or tip and cured under a UV or LED lamp; the nails are dry to touch once they are cured.

So why not get mixing today

Mega Mix can be mixed with one or all of the following

Acrylic Powders
Mineral Makeup
Metalic Strips
Gold leaf
and ultimatly with any regular nail polish to create a permanent gel polish turning your favorite shade into a long lasting manicure.

The only limit is your imagination.



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